Welcome to Zeekoegat Primary School Project

The Zeekoegat Primary School Project started in 2008 with a Trust comprising of concerned members of the farming and tourism community, including Safari Ostrich Show Farm.  At Safari Ostrich Show Farm we have a dedicated project room which showcases the entire project and its development.

We at Safari got involved with the school, due to the fact that some of our staff who had children in the school, told us of the dire circumstances in which the children were receiving an education. 

Zeekoegat Primary School is located 7km outside of Oudtshoorn, en-route to Safari Ostrich Show Farm.  It is a rural farm school which has been educating local farm children since 1938.  There are slightly less than 100 children, from Grade 1 to Grade 6 and a Pre School with 30-40 toddlers.

The original asbestos panelled building that was used as a school was in a very bad condition and not big enough to handle the number of children in the school.  The owners of the building, a local Church had not maintained it and were unable to assist with essential repairs that needed to be done.  The members of the Trust spent many hours attempting to make the conditions in the old building bearable.  However in January 2008 the school building was declared "Structurally Unsafe" and the school children started their first school days of 2008 in army tents, as we could no longer risk the safety of the children and teachers. 

During the time the children and teachers spent in unbearably hot tents, in summer temperatures exceeding 45 degrees Celsius, a dream was born...to raise enough money to build a new decent school.  It was to be nothing fancy, just a standard brick school building, a school environment that should be available to every child in South Africa, not just the privileged few. This is a school where children come from very poor homes and for many their parents can't afford uniforms or even shoes and for many their meal of the day is the one that they have at School. Imagine what the things are that you as child or even your children or grandchildren at school would consider as always being there, things that they take for granted - our children have barely anything that they can take for granted. Everything and everyday is a struggle and they somehow still manage to smile and want to strive for better!